Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone!!!!

Last night I was so deeply asleep by the time my husband got home that we couldn't talk about things. But this morning we did talk. He wanted to know why I turned my back on Christianity.

Him: So, why did you turn your back on Christianity?
Me: There are a lot of beliefs in Christianity that have confused me for years. Like the Trinity for example. The whole three in one Godhead concept. How can Christianity call itself a monotheistic religion if its followers are expected to worship God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit equally? That sounds like polytheism to me.
Him: It's complicated...
Me: It's confusing and doesn't make sense. Look at it from this perspective. The book of Genesis talks about how in marriage a husband and wife shall cleave to one another and become one flesh. That doesn't mean they merge though. They are still two separate people. We didn't cease to become individuals when we tied the knot, so how can God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all be God? I just don't get that and I never will.
Him: ...
Me: Islam believes in one God. Yes, Muslims still believe in Jesus but not in the same way that Christians do. We believe he was a prophet, much like Elijah and Elisha and Moses. You believe in the prophets, right?
Him: Well, yeah.
Me: What do you know about Muhammad?
Him: Only that he was a prophet too.
Me: Right.
Him: But...why didn't you come talk to me about this before you converted to another religion?
Me: I did talk to you about it a year ago when I resumed my studies into Islam.
Him: Yeah...but we went to hear Yousef Ouramane speak and I thought you were done with the whole Islam thing after that.
Me: He did say some things that contradicted what I had learned about Islam. I was confused for a time after we heard him speak. But after I got my head clear and resumed my own studying, things came back into focus for me.
Him: So...what does this mean for us?
Me: I'm not going to hide who I am at home anymore. I'm not going to hide my books on Islam in the closet anymore or wait for you or your dad to be out of the house before praying. I give you two the freedom to explore and practice your religion. I am asking for the same freedom for me as well.
Him: I don't want religion to come between us.
Me: I know. We've got bigger problems than just religion right now (referring to the issues that I've mentioned previously here).
Him: *sigh* I know.
Me: I've got an idea. Why don't I stay home from work today and we can talk about this further. After all, it's already your day off today.
Him: ...yeah...but I was going to go into the store and work on stock again.
Me: *sighs, looks away*
Him: *says nothing*
Me: Why am I the one who always is willing to make concessions? You have to work on weekends when I am home. So in order to have a day together I know I have to call in sick to work. You don't want to spend time together that we have. Even when I am willing to take a risk of calling in, you don't want to spend time together. *sigh* Fine...

At that point I started getting ready for work. Ten minutes later he came to me.

Him: Fine...call in. I have to go in for a couple of hours to tell Rose (the opening manager for the day) what stock I need them to work today and be on a conference call. Then I'll be home and we can talk about this Islam thing.

May Allah be with me this day after he gets home as I talk to him. I pray that I keep a calm spirit today, not get frustrated or annoyed, and can show him exactly why I have come to Islam. Insha'Allah I will have more to post this evening.

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  1. Salaam Alaikum,

    I know it can be difficult having a dialogue with a loved one about religion. Alhamdulillah you kept yourself composed and did a great job explaining yourself and islam. Ive learned that the best thing to do is focus on tawheed (oneness of Allah). Alot of times non-muslims (especially christians) will throw multiple things at you and try to confuse you which is why its important to stay focused and keep bringing the discussion back to tawheed. May Allah open your husbands heart to Islam, ameen!