Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Islam and My Husband

I sincerely apologize for not posting again last night when I said that I would. I am making up for that now.

So, I talked to Nick yesterday about Islam. I explained to him about the five pillars and why I believe in them. All of a sudden he expresses an interest in going back to church and wants me to go along with him. We used to mesh on a religious level and I think he's wanting that back. Either that or he's hoping that if I go to church with him that I'll convert back to Christianity. I told him I'd go with him but I don't want to. I also told him about the Islamic community center that I found in Fayetteville, GA. It's about 14 miles north of my house. I would love to go there sometime.

We also talked about hijab. I explained to him that he already knew that my wardrobe was much more modest than what so many women wear these days. I explained to him that I've never been comfortable wearing skimpy or revealing clothing. He has known this since high school. But he said the idea of me covering my head bothers him. I told him that even in Christianity women used to cover their hair until recently. In the Catholic church women covered their hair in church until the 1950's or so. Every drawing of Mary that we see shows a covering on her head as well. And somewhere in the Bible it mentions that women should cover their heads. He really didn't have a response to that either.

I am going to take the advice of a close friend again and slowly give Nick tidbits of information on Islam so I don't overwhelm him. Hopefully as he sees the changes in me and learns more and more about Islam he will be more open to this. To my friend, thanks again for your advice. I owe you one! :)

Tomorrow night I am getting together with my dad for dinner. It's just going to be him and me. We haven't done this in a long time. He knows how stressed I am but doesn't really know why. I am not going to break the news of reverting to Islam to my dad yet. Oh no. I think he would flip out. I know when the time comes I will tell my mom first. She's more open minded and I think will have an easier time of it than my dad. Still, it will be nice to hang out with my dad tomorrow night!

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  1. Just join your blog and I read quickly through your previous posts.
    More you will talk with your husband about your choice and what it gives you, more he will understand and open his mind to it.
    I am sure it will takes time but patience is a key - put your trust in God, things will get easier.

    Have a lovely evening with your dad and enjoy each moments - these are precious times.

    Take care - Marie