Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I am so excited that the weekend is here! Alhamdulillah! Today is going to be a busy day. I have some housework that needs to be done here and then my daughter and I are going to my mom's to help her shave her cat's matted stomach and then give the kitty a bath. It should be an interesting time. I am going to give her a call and ask if I can bring my oldest cat and do the same with him. He's got some nasty knots on his backside and won't let me groom them out. (He will bite the fool out of you if you come near him with a brush or comb.) So Dragon and Katie are going to get shaved and bathed at my mom's today if I can do both.

Yesterday the dress and hijab I ordered online came in! I love them! My husband hates them. He says he doesn't want me to ever wear hijab and says the dress is too long. Most of my skirts and dresses are ankle length and this one comes to the top of my feet and he complains that's too long? It also has long sleeves and most of my tops have long sleeves as well so what's wrong with this one? Is it the fact that I ordered it from an Islamic website? I don't get it. Still, I like it and I am keeping it. I plan to wear this outfit to Muslim Day this year at the beginning of October insha'Allah!

I am almost over my nasty cold. I still have a bit of a cough but most of the sinus drainage and stopped up nose have cleared up. If I can kick this cough I'll be back to normal.

I've been struggling lately to get in all five prayers. Most days I just get in 2-3, and doing them at the prescribed time isn't always easy. I don't often wake up early enough to pray Fajr before dawn. Dhuhr takes place when I am at work so I usually make that one up when I pray Asr. Asr takes place on my ride home. Sometimes I will pull over at my mom's house (which is on the way) and pray there but not always. And Maghrib and Isha tend to get skipped because I still haven't prayed with anyone else in the house. I have no doubt it would be easier if I lived in a home where others understood the importance of the daily prayers. I know it will come in time and insha'Allah all aspects of Islam will get easier as time goes by. Still, I am impatient and want it all now. Patience....

On a side note, one of my co-workers put in her 2 week notice last week because she got another job. I applied yesterday to fill her soon-to-be vacant position. I'm torn a bit on whether or not I really want this position. Honestly, my whole department is haram. I work in Credit. Currently I am a Credit Clerk. She was a Credit Analyst, which would be a promotion and a raise for me if I am selected to fill her spot. On a positive note, she works Sunday-Thursday and is off on Friday and Saturday. If I had every Friday off...I could actually go to a masjid for Jummah! The idea of that excites me! I am making dua that I will be selected to fill her spot. The raise would help my family and having Fridays off would give me time to further explore my faith. Please make dua that Allah's will shall prevail for me in this situation.

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