Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm sick. Bleh. Not fun. My sinuses are driving me batty and I have a horrible sore throat. It's not fun. Today was really tough at work. It was very hard to keep driving on through the day but I really didn't have a choice.

My husband, much to my surprise, has been making an effort to do more around the house over this past weekend. He finished the laundry that I started on Sunday and even put it away. I was surprised and pleased. Yet the pessimist in me wonders how much longer he's going to help out around the house. We'll see how things go. For the rest of the week he's going to be working double shifts though as his district manager is coming for the all important visit on Friday. I really hope he is able to get everything accomplished before his DM gets there. Otherwise, I truly do fear the consequences.

Today at work I turned an app on my cell phone and listened to recitation of the first 185 verses of surah 2 in the Quran. It was nice to hear even if I don't speak enough Arabic to understand what's being said without reading along. Listening to the recitation calms me down if I get frazzled and helps me to focus. I enjoy it.

I know it's just barely 9:00PM but I am going to go to bed. I am exhausted and need to get some rest. Being sick is no fun. I hope my co-workers don't catch it from me! I'll just hide out in my cubicle at work and try not to breathe on anyone. May Allah heal me from my cold and sinus issues.

Also folks, please make dua for a friend of mine who had eye surgery today. May Allah heal my friend and bring good vision back to him. Ameen.

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