Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Allah's Hands

A friend on Facebook posted this quote today:

"At times you may think everything is going wrong. Yet you don’t realize that Allah is setting everything right." -Naseer

I have to keep this in mind. There are a lot of things right now that seem to be going so wrong in my life. But I must hope and pray that it is Allah's will and He will be leading me to something greater than I can see right now.

I had an argument with my husband and father-in-law over the dishes on Thursday. It wasn't pretty but I stood my ground. My husband sided with my father-in-law...again. It is what it is. However, I have to give my husband some credit for sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor last night. That was a real surprise! But my father-in-law is avoiding me like the plague. After the argument over the phone with him yesterday he took off and didn't get home until 3:00AM. Hearing him come in woke me up and I couldn't do back to sleep because I kept expecting him to come barging into the bedroom wanting to "talk" about it. (Meaning, I expected him to come in yelling about how I'm unreasonable or something like that. He does tend to choose odd hours when he wants to discuss when people are at work or trying to get ready for work or something.) All day today he's been hiding out in his room, which makes it impossible to talk to him about yesterday. Oh well. When he comes out I am ready to talk about the situation.

On a positive note, I have an interview for the Credit Analyst position Monday with my boss at 3:00PM! Please make dua for me that I may get this position! A raise plus the hope of Fridays off...what more could a girl ask for? There is only one other person who applied for the position and she has no experience in the credit department, which gives me an advantage. The job description mentioned that they were looking for a person with one to two years of experience in credit, which I have. We'll see what happens. Just like my home life, my job life is also in Allah's hands. If it is His will that I get this position, He will help it to happen.

The temperature is nice and cool outside today! Fall is coming! Alhamdulillah! I enjoy the cooler weather, but it makes me miss living up north. I know I won't see blankets of snow down here in Georgia like I did when I lived in Fargo. Oh how I miss Fargo! I know...that sounds weird. Do people actually love Fargo, ND? I do. Bring on that cooler weather! I'm ready!

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