Monday, October 10, 2011

Struggling For Acceptance?

Someone posted this link on a message board I visit today about a Muslimah who was worried about finding her place in Islam after saying shahadah. I can relate a bit with her. It's a struggle sometimes for me to find my place in Islam.

I haven't been to a masjid yet. I don't always wear hijab, other than in the car and occasionally in the grocery store. My family isn't Muslim. My husband isn't Muslim. My closest Muslim friends are all online and I don't see them in the read world. There's one who lives in my state but I haven't had a chance to see her in a year.

I too worry about what I may lose, as the writer of the post that I linked did. I worry that I may lose friends. I worry that I may lose family who don't understand why I left Christianity. I worry that I may lose my job if I dare to wear hijab at work (though my modest clothes have actually earned positive comments from others in my office). But I have to keep remembering that it doesn't matter if the worldly aspects of my life that I am used to are lost. What matters is pleasing Allah and doing as He commands. The more I learn, the happier I become. I love Islam!

As the linked post says, "I once thought that Islam would mean me losing things – now I see that I have gained countless blessings in this life and the key to paradise in the next."

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